"The Green Mountain Services"

Inspection Services

Full Pre-Job Inspections

  • We will come to existing locations and do a full assessment of existing conditions. This includes examining existing flooring and sub-floor conditions to determine what demolition and/or floor preparation will be required to install new flooring. This also includes Field verification measurements to make sure the correct quantity of material is ordered and installed

As-built Floor plans

  •  When needed, we can provide 2D Existing Floor Plans.

Sub-floor Moisture Testing

  •  We use in house and 3rd party certified moisture testing services to make sure the sub-floor is ready and able to accept the specified flooring. We test using all ASTM testing methods including RH probes and Calcium Chloride tests.

Job Specification/procurement services

Value Engineering

  •  Where applicable, we can work with designers and end users to adjust finishes to fit inside a budget.

Material Procurement

  • With Excellent relationships with all major manufacturers, and continued growth with Boutique manufacturers, we have the ability to procure all flooring material on a national level. 

Project Management and Installation Services

Project Coordination

  • We work with the end user, Landlords, Construction Managers, GCs and other trades to ensure that all work is being completed as efficiently as possible.

Floor Preparation

  • Moisture Mitigation
    • If Moisture tests come back too high for specified flooring, we can mitigate the issue using the correct applicable method.
  • Rip-up
    •  We can rip-up any existing flooring to get down to original subfloor where needed,
  • Self-Leveling
    • We can level the existing floor if needed
  • Encapsulation
    • We can encapsulate existing floor finish when needed to accept new floor covering

Flooring Installation

  • We have a national presence and network of flooring installers 
  • We can specialized installers in all types of flooring and floor preparation
  • All installers are vetted and have years of experience
  • Green Mountain Services has traveling Project Managers to start and manage jobs across countr

Post installation Services